Why Did My Dentist Recommend Cosmetic Dentistry?

Many people see cosmetic treatment as a treatment that’s only for aesthetic benefit. But the truth is that many cosmetic procedures have important restorative and preventive benefits as well. If your dentist recommended cosmetic dentistry in Chapel Hill, NC, it could be for a number of crucial oral health reasons. While some treatments are just to improve the look of your smile, others can be important to improving or maintaining your oral health.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY in CHAPEL HILL NC isn't just used to improve the look of your smile

Why Dentists May Recommend Cosmetic Dentistry in Chapel Hill, NC

When your dentist recommends treatment, it’s usually with the interest of improving your bite and oral health. While cosmetic treatments may also enhance the look of your smile, they rarely only provide aesthetic benefits. Patients who get cosmetic treatment can also benefit from stronger, healthier teeth and gums. There’s also a greater motivation to maintain or improve oral hygiene with cosmetic treatment. Here are some situations where your dentist may recommend cosmetic treatment.

Chips or Fractures in Your Smile Line

In many cases, a chip or fracture could require a simple filling or an extensive dental crown. However, if the affected tooth is in your smile line, your dentist may recommend cosmetic treatment. Dental bonding and porcelain veneers both work to help protect your tooth and prevent further damage. However, they tend to offer more aesthetic control over the final treatment. For this reason, many dentists recommend cosmetic treatment for restoration needs along your smile line.

Medical or Stubborn Staining

Our teeth can suffer discoloration due to a variety of reasons. And while discoloration isn’t necessarily a sign of bad oral health or hygiene, it can be discouraging to many patients. Oftentimes, certain medical conditions or medications can lead to staining as well, no matter how good your oral hygiene is. In these cases, your dentist may recommend cosmetic treatment to help maintain the vibrancy of your smile and improve confidence.

Food Traps

When your teeth are uneven, it’s a lot easier for food particles to get trapped between them. It’s also a lot harder to clean between them when brushing or flossing. These spaces, known as food traps, can increase your chances of developing decay or sustaining damage. Cosmetic treatment designed to straighten your smile, such as veneers or clear aligners, could help. By closing the contact between your teeth, you can help keep food particles out and improve the effectiveness of your oral hygiene routine.

Cosmetic treatment can help improve the look of your smile, but it also provides a range of restorative and preventative benefits. At Tarheel Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we often recommend cosmetic treatment to patients to address a variety of dental concerns, not just aesthetics. Call us today at (919) 551-8847 to schedule a consultation and see if cosmetic treatment is right for you.