Custom Mouthguard Chapel Hill, NC

Mouth Guards An Overview

sports mouth guar chapel hill nc
Protecting your teeth and gums during contact sports and high-risk activities should be considered part of your “uniform” and out into use every time. Keeping the teeth covered with a mouth guard can prevent tooth damage, tooth loss and also soft tissue damage from on-field collisions, falls and accidents involving impact.

Dr. Cook and the team at Tarheel Family Dentistry recommend the use of a custom-made sports mouth guard for superior protection and maximum comfort on the field. We offer these appliances for children and adults in our Chapel Hill dental office and can get you ready to play safely after a brief visit.

A custom fit mouthguard offers some key benefits to consider when compared to over the counter options:

  • Snug fit, minimal slippage
  • Reduces jaw clenching to keep in place, which has been shown to improve endurance when playing sports
  • Ability to drink fluids and speak while in place

Mouth Guards What to Expect

Tarheel Family Dentistry can make a custom sports mouth guard using dental impressions taken during a brief office visit. Your new mouth guard will be designed to fit snugly over your teeth or any oral appliances or orthodontics for maximum protection and comfort.

In about a week your new mouth guard will be ready to wear and we will contact you for pick up.

For kids, we offer fun colors to encourage them to wear their mouthguard whenever they hit the field or during any activity that could result in an impact to the mouth.