Tooth Extraction Chapel Hill NC

Tooth Extractions An Overview

A tooth extraction is considered a treatment of last resort in the case of tooth damage or decay but may be necessary for the structural development of a patient with tooth overcrowding. A simple tooth extraction can often be performed by Dr. Cook in our Chapel Hill dental office.

Tooth extractions can be performed using a local anesthetic or oral sedation, depending on the individual needs of the patient. Most patients recover quickly after a simple tooth extraction when following the post-treatment instructions provided by Dr. Cook .

Tooth Extractions What to Expect

The first step in your tooth extraction procedure is to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. Unless an oral sedative has already been prescribed we will numb the area with a local anesthetic.

Dr. Cook will gently dislodge the tooth by detaching the ligament securing the tooth in your jaw bone. He will expand the tooth socket by rocking the tooth back and forth until it is able to slip out with minimal pressure. Once the tooth is removed, the socket will be cleaned out and packed with sterile gauze to prevent infection and help the blood to clot. You may be asked to bite down on the gauze to facilitate and expedite the clotting process.

We will provide post-treatment care instructions which can include:

  • Ice compresses on the outside of the cheek to minimize swelling
  • Over the counter pain medication as needed
  • A soft diet for a few days

Patients can expect to feel slight discomfort and minor swelling or bleeding. However, if bleeding is persistent or profuse, pain increases or suddenly returns it is important that you contact our office right away for advice on how to proceed.