Dental Concerns Chapel Hill, NC

Dental concerns can include anything affecting your oral health from minor tooth decay to missing teeth and should be addressed as soon as possible to minimize damage, restore health and prevent other complications related to your overall health and well being. Tarheel Family Dentistry is your local dental home for the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems. Our team has the training, experience, and skill to meet your needs with comprehensive care.

treatment for dental concerns chapel hill nc

Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay and cavities are one of the most common oral diseases impacting patients of all ages- even very young children. Routine dental care is the key to avoiding the development and progression of tooth decay. We offer tooth fillings, including white fillings, to restore decayed teeth with natural-looking results.

Damaged Teeth?

Chips, cracks and tooth damage of any kind should be repaired as soon as possible. Left untreated, damage can create an environment for decay and breakage, sometimes leading to the loss of the tooth. We have solutions for damaged teeth to help you maintain your natural smile.

Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth can create a cascade of dental and overall health-related concerns. If you have lost teeth, schedule a consultation with one of our dentists to explore your treatment options. Enjoying a comfortable and functional smile will enable the best possible quality of life.

Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth may affect how you feel about your smile and be the cause of embarrassment when interacting with others. What many patients do not realize is that crooked teeth can also lead to additional dental problems. They are often difficult to brush and floss effectively and can have a detrimental impact on the fit of the bite.

Bite Problems?

Do you have an uncomfortable bite or grind your teeth at night? These are common signs of an underlying TMJ disorder and may also be accompanied by frequent headaches, neck pain, jaw pain or difficulty chewing.

If you have concerns about the comfort or function of your bite, we can work with you to identify the dysfunction and offer restorative treatment for teeth grinding symptoms and side effects such as worn or damaged teeth.

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