Dental Crown Q&A

Dental crowns are a versatile restorative treatment for patients who have discolored or damaged teeth. They cover entire teeth like a cap. Dental implants and implant restorations are also completed with dental crowns that cover prosthetic teeth. Dr. Sarah Cook is an experienced restorative dentist who provides treatments like dental crowns in Chapel Hill, NC to revitalize the look and function of teeth. He works with herpatients as individuals to find solutions to their dental problems.

Dental Crown in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dental Crown FAQs

Our patients often have multiple commonly asked questions about treatment with tooth crowns:

What are crowns made of?

We use porcelain ceramic dental crowns because they are durable and blend in with patient’s natural smiles. Porcelain reflects light and is a much more natural look than metal alternatives. They also benefit patients with metal allergies.

How do dental fillings compare to tooth crowns?

Dental fillings seal cavities after teeth are cleaned out during a root canal. Dental crowns fully cover the teeth while fillings cover the top of the tooth. Patients with weakened teeth may require a dental crown after receiving a dental filling to provide more durability to their teeth.

What is the dental crown treatment like?

To begin treatment, we clean and prepare the tooth or teeth receiving the crown. We will remove a small amount of enamel to ensure that the dental crown fits properly. Then, we take dental impressions of teeth. These impressions are sent to a dental lab for fabrication. Once completed, we will fit the crowns onto the teeth. We make sure that there is no gap between the crown and the gums.

Can teeth get infected underneath a crown?

Yes, the teeth underneath crowns are still prone to infection. Because of this, it is key for patients to keep visiting the dentist and keep up with their oral hygiene routine at home. Older and poorly fitted crowns are more prone to infection. If you have an old crown that needs to be replaced, let us know.

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