Do I Really Need A Custom Fitted Mouth Guard?

Whether you are an active adult still involved in sporting activities or have a child that is involved in sports, such as baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, then you can help preserve your smile with a custom-fitted mouthguard. You may be thinking that a custom-fitted mouthguard is unnecessary and that a generic over the counter mouthguard will be fine and get the job done. If you are lucky, that may be the case. However, everyone has a unique smile, gum line, and tooth shape. This Makes a generic over the counter mouthguard very difficult to ensure a proper fit.

A mouthguard that does not fit properly can cause you more damage than protection. If the over the counter mouthguard does not fit securely to your smile, it can shift and move during play, so if impact does occur to your face, it will not protect your teeth. Also, a loose-fitting mouthguard can actually irritate your gums as well. We have compiled a short list of the advantages that a custom-fitted mouthguard will provide you or your loved one.

  • Custom Fit
    • We offer custom fitted mouthguards that will fit precisely to your smile to prevent any type of slippage or movement during play. Also, since our mouthguards are made to fit your smile specifically, we can ensure that it will not irritate your gums in any way. Our custom fit mouthguards are so comfortable that you will forget that you are even wearing it.
  • Cool Factor
    • Custom fitted mouthguards have gone mainstreams in some of the world’s most popular professional and collegiate sports such as the NBA, and NFL. We can customize your mouthguard to match your team colors or even put your alter ego on them.
  • Confidence
    • Without a custom fit mouthguard, you will be a little more cautious about making that diving play to help get your team the championship knowing that you could potentially damage your teeth. Knowing that you have either school or work tomorrow may prevent you from making a play. However, with a custom fit mouthguard, you can play with no fear and go ahead and make those plays that others are too afraid to make.

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