Family Dental Care: Establish Healthy Habits Early

Tarheel Family Dentistry is committed to the long-term oral health and wellness of our young patients. Dr. Sarah Cook and our dental care team offer compassionate, experienced family dentistry in Chapel Hill, NC. We recommend that children start healthy oral hygiene habits from a young age to encourage a healthy, happy smile as they age. Parents and caregivers should bring their children in for their first visit soon after the first primary teeth erupt, or sooner if there are other oral development concerns.

Tarheel Family Dentistry offers a wide selection of pediatric dental services designed to support and promote strong, healthy, and stable teeth. Depending on your child’s needs we typically recommend dental sealants, sports mouthguards, or wisdom teeth removal to improve your child’s oral health.

We look forward to working with our younger patients and are committed to providing the dental care they need in a safe, friendly office environment. If your little one is experiencing anxiety based around their dental visit, our dental care team are trained professionals who can work with your child to make their visit comfortable, informational, and fun!


A routine dental visit will include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Diagnostic x-rays as needed
  • Screenings for cavities and gingivitis
  • Examination of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and jaw position

Our goal is to find any dysfunction in the teeth or gums early on and to provide the appropriate treatment to restore health to your child’s smile. We work with each of our young patients on an age-appropriate, individual basis to educate them on proper oral hygiene techniques, preventive dental care, and how to maintain a healthy smile.

If you are searching for an experienced family dentist in the Chapel Hill or Durham, NC area, we look forward to serving you and your family. Contact us at (919) 551-8847 or schedule an appointment online.